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dc.contributor.advisorMedina Betancourt, Alberto Román-
dc.contributor.authorInfante Reinaldo, Ariel Adrián-
dc.identifier.citationInfante, A. A. (2014)es_ES
dc.description.abstractThis research is focused in the critical objective of the trends about the teaching-learning process of English and proposes a set of pedagogical professional situations which may allow the systematic increase of motivation towards the pedagogical professional studies in students from first year Major in Education in English as a Foreign Language Specialty. This research presents the essential elements of the theoretical and the methodological research design through the different methods used for its development, referred to the theoretical framework and the needed conceptualization about the matter subject, with the necessary analytic, critical, reflective, conclusive perspective. It also includes the diagnosis of the current state of the problem as well as the proposed solution in first approximation. The research results presented here were obtained with the use of scientific methods of pedagogical research, both theoretical and empirical. Among the first ones, analysis-synthesis, historical-logical, abstract-concrete, and modeling are highlighted; while among the second ones survey, interview, and observation were of great importance. The motivation factor for becoming English teachers in first year of Pedagogical Higher Education in Holguin city is affected, mainly due to the lack of creativity of teachers, according the interest in the subject. That is why it was necessary to try to find a way to solve the above mentioned situation. This paper is designed with the objective of serving as a tool for helping teachers to increase pedagogical motivation in first year students from the Pedagogical Higher Education.es_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad de Ciencias Pedagógicas José de la Luz y Caballeroes_ES
dc.titleA Set of professional pedagogical communicative situations to increase motivation towards the pedagogical professional studies in students from first year Major in Education in English as a Foreign Language Specialtyes_ES
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